5 Tips to Maximize Your Storage Space

The holidays are over and so are the days of unlimited eating and visiting with family and friends.  The new year is here and so are the resolutions of better living.  The big event this past weekend was taking down all the decorations and putting them back in the boxes.  I'm happy to say that they all returned to their original boxes including the tree!  No easy feat but one I take very seriously.  It is one thing to get all the decorations into the boxes and then there is the task of getting the boxes back into the attic.  My days of Tetris truly come in handy!  All is safely tucked in behind the attic door (open at your own risk!) for another 11 months.

Then I came across this article which I can definitely see freeing up at least 2 cubic feet in my attic and hope it can help you too!

Enjoy these tips to maximize your storage!

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