Home Inspection 1.16.19

So not the best day for a home inspection with the rain...or is it?  Sometimes it may be the best day to schedule one so that you can experience the home in conditions that are not typical for the area.  Maybe you will discover that there is a roof leak, maybe you will discover that water seeps in under the door frame.  Or maybe you will just realize you love the house even more because it is situated in a way that allows you to enjoy the rain from your patio but not get all wet.

Regardless, my buyers did have a home inspection today in the rain and all went well.  The home inspector tested all the systems (A/C, heater, plumbing and electrical) and walked them through where the emeregency shut off valves are, other safety items to take note of and some areas that they should keep an eye on for normal wear and tear in the future and to be responsible for as new homeowners. In the next 24 hours, the inspector will send us a detailed report with pictures of the inspection. 

The property is a pretty clean property so now what does this mean for my buyer?  The next steps for them are to complete their escrow docs, work with their lender to secure their loan, finish reviewing their disclosures and ask for a repair to the minor electrical issue in the garage.  The property is sold as is, so the seller may not want to make any repairs but we will put in a request and see what they say.

As for the home inspection, it is an important step in the home buying process and one step closer now for my buyers to complete their due diligence.


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