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Congratulations are in order for two gentlemen that moved into a gorgeous home in El Segundo!  Now you can walk/bird to restaurants and shops!  Love where you live!!! ~ Christi
Two years may seem like a long time to research and learn about every neighborhood in Huntington Beach and find the perfect house for you but it was totally worth it!  Congratulations on purchasing the beach home of your... Read More
What a fun adventure this has been looking for a home for this first time home buyer Kathy.  We saw some really interesting options and learned a lot too!  So excited to find the perfect one with ocean view that you and... Read More
Welcome to our new friends from down under to Huntington Beach!  You are going to love living here!
Selling a home is an exciting process and selling with Bonnie has been one of my favorite.  We had some twists and turns as they often do but we did it and we didn't look back.  I'm so happy that I could take care of this one... Read More
You are going to love this coast!  Welcome to Huntington Beach.  Good luck to the east coast in ever getting you back!  What a pleasure working with you to find the perfect place to make the whole family happy.... Read More
What a pleasure to sell your old home and now assist with the purchase of your new home.  Your patience was amazing and truly appreciated while the seller completed what he needed to complete to make this transaction... Read More
Congratulations to our sellers on the smooth closing of their investment home in Tustin Ranch.  We broke a neighborhood record and closed early!  Love that combination.  ~ Christine
So excited for Pulkit and Nandita to own their first home together.  Thank you for trusting me with the purchase.  It turned out to be very smooth and it closed a week early!  Love that.  Enjoy making it your own!... Read More
Welcome to Huntington Beach.  So glad to help you with a temporary place and now with a more permanent solution.  Enjoy getting those boxes finally unpacked and enjoying the rest of the summer before the busy school days... Read More