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Maximize your ROI while selling investment property with Tenants. As an investor, a majority of your return can come in the form of price appreciation, but having a tenant as a non-incentivized participant in the... Read More
Buying your first home is very stressful.  Thank you for trusting me with guiding you through the process.  Don't hesitate to reach out at any time with any questions you may have once the unpacking is done. ... Read More
We found it...a house in the perfect location that meets your criteria and it wasn't even on the market at the time!  We may have found a couple of other ones along the way but so glad we discovered that they weren't "the... Read More
The market is a changin' A sudden spike in inventory combined with quickly rising interest rates is giving signs of a slowdown in price appreciationDemand drops as buying a home gets more expensive There are two charts that really... Read More
Closed and record breaking sale!  So happy to assist and sell for top dollar in the complex.  Great staging brought us multiple offers and a closed transaction in under 30 days and a very happy buyer ready to move into his new... Read More
Happy moving day!  I am so excited for you today moving into your new home.  What an adventure this escrow was...a few more hoops than usual but definitely worth it!  So happy to be a part of it!  Keep in... Read More
The time to trade in the cold weather days of Michigan for the sunny ways of California are here!  Congratulations on your Huntington Beach purchase.  You are going to love it here!  Thanks for letting me assist with... Read More
Living closer to work and family is really important in the big scheme of things.  So glad that this home allows you to accomplish that. It has been a pleasure working with you.  Enjoy!  ~ Best, Christine
We are officially in the holiday selling season, which for some may mean no selling at all.  However, there are still great homes on the market!  Interested in buying before the end of the year?  We can make that... Read More
Sometimes your long time agent friend can't be present for everything that you would like them to because they live 2 hours away.  So happy to step in to assist for the local things you needed an agent for.... Read More